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Julio Pertuz is Abington Soccer Club's Director of Coaching and Founder of PPA Training.  Learn more about Pertuz.  The following are valuable PPA Training resources for coaches and players.

PPA Training YouTube Channel

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A great resource for "how to" videos to understand and apply sound fundamentals, learn proper skills techniques andd tacctical aspects and improve your knowledge of the game.  An excellent resource for coaches to ispire ideas to run practice sessions or have access to specific soccer drills to complement your soccer practices.

Weekly Pro-Soccer Tips Group

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This group will provide you with helpful free content where you can learn great tips to improve your skills and knowledge of the game as well as nutrition tips that are very important to keep you and your players healthy.


Like the PPA Training Facebook page, where you can ask questions and help build your training routines.

Player and Coaching Guides

PPA Training has published a Player Guide and Coaching Guide for sale in both digital and print formats.  These guides can be purchased on PPA Training's website:

Additional practice plans and other coaching resources:

Washington Youth Soccer - U6-U12 training plans with videos

EPYSA - U6-U16 Training Plans

STMA United - U5-U10 Training Principles and Plans

Eastern New York Youth Soccer - U6-U12 Practice Plans

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