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We will hold a Referee Clinic on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 6pm at Stroney Field

For older players who are looking to expand their knowledge of the game and have fun doing it, consider volunteering to be a referee.  Referees are provided with a shirt and whistle and can sign up for games that meet their schedules.

If you intend to referee this season, please call or email AYS's Referee Coordinator, Emma Black. 

Emma Dyska

Referee Coordinator

(570) 702-9271


Rules for U12 and up follow the FIFA Laws of the Game, and list exceptions to these rules.  They are available online: FIFA Laws of the Game


U5/U6 Rules

U7 Rules

U8 Rules

U10 Rules

U12 Rules (U13 for 2022)

U14 Rules (not playing in 2022)

U19 Rules

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